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A company’s fixed line services are as important now as they were 20 years ago.

Major product developments have taken place within this area, meaning it’s no longer just a case of “your landline number”, but often a combination of several products and services which are key to the successful operation of your business.

We offer a wide range of fixed line services such as traditional analogue PSTN lines, digital ISDN solutions and also several VOIP products.

If it’s just mega cheap rates you are looking for, take up the offer of our free healthcheck service and see if you really are on the best rates possible. Our fixed line tariffs are extremely competitive and can be bespoked to your precise requirements.

If you like the sound of our deals, we can handle all of the transfer arrangements on your behalf ensuring any switch is completed efficiently and without any disruption to your service.

Never forget the importance of the simple fixed communication.


Why Choose Our Fixed Service?

Cost Effective Line Rentals

Our rentals are extremely competitive and are almost always lower than BT.

Discounted Call Rates

We can tailor packages to your specific requirements, need a low cost rate to a unique destination? No problem!

Dedicated Support Team

All of our services are backed up by knowledgeable UK based specialists


We take full ownership of the transfer process to minimise disruption to your business

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