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Travelling in the EU has changed with most networks and you could face daily charges of £2 to access your UK tariff. O2 are the only major network to retain free EU roaming but there are ways to reduce or avoid the charges with other networks as well.

O2 have continued to offer free access to your UK tariff when you are roaming in the EU. It’s a great feature and something that frequent travellers can benefit from.

Vodafone have introduced a £2 daily fee for accessing your UK tariff, but this can be reduced to £1 if you buy 8 or 15 days of access in advance. Plus you can avoid EU roaming charges by choosing one of the latest Evolve plans on a thirty-six month term.

With EE, it’s a £2 daily charge for accessing your UK plan.

Network roaming plans have different footprints and please check with us before you travel to make sure you’re covered.

Remember that using your phone on a plane or a boat can incur charges outside of your standard roaming option. Registering with one of these services doesn’t prevent mobile charges being incurred. Check with us if you aren’t sure.

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